ACE TC 7050 Crane & Volvo SD110CD Compactor: Powering Infra Projects in India

The economy works in a way that interconnects several industries to each other. For example, the heavy-duty equipment market and the infra industry these two are interdependent for their existence. To illustrate, the former manufactures machines which are deployed for infra projects.

Hence, construction, mining, plantation, etc. industries are the top consumers of this industry. On the other hand, the latter relies on the former for the output supply. Overall, their profit generation & operation in the first place are dependent on each other.

ACE TC 7050 Crane 

This is yet another high-performing piece of equipment facilitating construction, mining and other sectors. With a max speed of 38 kmph, this crane ensures efficient operation. Additionally, the equipment gets a brilliant ace in lifting materials due to its boom length of 70 meters. 

Moreover, the crane can reach a height of 202 meters. Such a reach limit tremendously aids in transporting materials to a greater height. Besides, the 16 tonne lifting capacity facilitates the carriage of complex materials in one go. Above all, the ACE crane price range for this model is Rs. 11-13 Lakh in India. 

Volvo SD110CD Compactor 

This compactor best caters to infra-project requirements. To illustrate the features, the model comes with an operating weight of 11200 kg. This massive weighing capacity helps the machine undertake complex tasks.

Additionally, with a drum width of 2134 mm, the compactor facilitates soil compaction, waste management, debris suppression, etc. Now this functionality is further enhanced with the machine’s powerful engine.

For example, the engine can produce up to 99 HP. Further impressive is the equipment’s fuel tank capacity of 196 Ltr. Besides, the steering type of this Volvo soil compactor is Hydrostatic.

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