An Ultimate Guide to UK Study Visa

The UK government offers immense opportunities to international students which are beneficial for their educational as well as career goals. However, you first require a UK study visa if you aim to study in the UK. If you are unaware of the UK study visa procedure, you need to be familiar with it first. 

In this article, we have given the ultimate guide to a UK study visa that will help you get details of each and every step you need to sail through. So, delve deep into the information and get accurate information about the UK  visa. If you think that you need assistance to apply for your UK study visa, you can connect with the best UK visa consultants in Ludhiana.

Here are some important details you must know about the UK study visa: 

Selection of Course

First, you need to choose a course that you want to study in the UK. To select your course, you need to research well. Know your field of interest, set your goals, find out which course can help you accomplish your goals, and apply for it. Not just the selection of a study program is important but the selection of a university also matters. Therefore, select a university that is reputed for providing education in the study program you have chosen. 

Eligibility Requirement 

You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria if you want to study in the UK. every university has different requirements for admission. However, the eligibility requirements for the UK  visa are the same for all. The major requirement is your good scores in your previous qualification. Moreover, you must have achieved the required scores in the language proficiency test to be eligible for a UK  visa. Generally speaking, you must have a 6.5 band score in IELTS, 70-100 in TOEFL, 54+ in PTE, or 105-120 in the Duolingo test. Most importantly, you must hold a good profile and must not have any criminal record. Lastly, you need to submit all the required documents. If you fulfill all these major requirements, you can apply for your UK study visa. 


You need to prove that you have adequate funds in your bank account if you want to get your UK study visa. Generally, you must have an amount of approximately 12,000,00 INR in your bank account to cover the tuition fee for one year. Moreover, you need to receive an official sponsorship that can help you with your living costs throughout your stay in the UK. 

Important Documents

As mentioned earlier, you need to submit some documents to apply for your UK study visa. So, the documents you need to submit for your visa application are given below: 

  • A Passport
  • Passport-size photographs. 
  • Evidence of funds
  • Acceptance letter from the institution
  • Certificate for no prior criminal record
  • A consent letter for students who are minor 
  • Educational transcripts
  • Language proficiency test scores

UK Study Visa Application Process 

If you want to apply for a UK  visa to attain top-quality education in the UK, here are some steps you need to follow: 

  • Visit the official website of the UK Government. 
  • Now, provide your fingerprints along with your photo at the visa application center. 
  • After that, use the Uk Immigration: ID Check app to scan your identity proofs. 
  • Fill in the application form carefully and pay the processing fee of 348 GBP. 
  • Appear for the interview and answer every question confidently and honestly to get your visa.

UK Study Visa Processing Time

Generally, the processing time for a UK study visa is 3 weeks. However, if you want to get the result in less time, you need to contact the visa application center and pay more for it. Well, reputed immigration consultants will help you get your study visa at the desired time. So, if you are planning to get positive results and that too in a minimal time, you can approach the best UK study visa consultant.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, this is the complete guide that covers all the details of the UK study visa. We hope you are now able to apply to follow these steps to apply for your UK study visa. 

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