Block Undesirable Websites On Chrome With Website Blocker Extension

Hundreds of websites are live on the Google platform. Websites are created in many categories and types but not all are well. Sometimes we face several websites which disturb us daily. A few websites are dangerous for us or our browser safety. 

In this situation, we need to block unwanted websites immediately. Website Blocker Extension will help you instant block websites. 

What is Website Blocker Extension?

Website Blocker is the best Chrome extension that allows you to permanently block or unblock websites. It is an easy way to block any websites on the browser. It provides an option to directly block and manually block websites. Immediately block bad websites so you can focus more on work. Various facilities are here:

Key Features Of Web Blocker Extension:

  • Direct block website with a single click
  • Attempts Wise block – The website will auto-block after completing a selected number of opening
  • Time-wise block – Schedule in default timer website for block
  • Unblock website
  • Remove blocked websites from the block list
  • URL filter in contain and exact
  • Edit the blocked text – It will show when you open a blocked website
  • You can delete blocked URLs from the blocklist
  • Export blocklist
  • Import URLs for block
  • Easy-to-use extension

Enable Website Blocker Extension In Chrome:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and go to the Website Blocker
  2. Click on add to chrome
  3. Click on Add extension
  4. Pin the extension for the instant block site

Blocking bad websites on Chrome can offer several benefits:

Security: Blocking known malicious websites helps protect your device from malware, viruses, and phishing attacks. It reduces the risk of inadvertently clicking on harmful links that can compromise your data or system.

Parental Control: For families, blocking inappropriate content ensures that children or young users don’t access harmful or age-inappropriate material. It helps create a safer browsing environment for them.

Productivity Enhancement: Blocking distracting websites at workplaces or during study hours improves focus and productivity. It prevents time wastage on social media, gaming, or other non-work-related sites.

Bandwidth Management: By blocking certain websites, especially those known for heavy media content or high traffic, you can manage bandwidth more effectively, ensuring better network performance.

Compliance and Regulations: In certain organisations or industries, compliance requirements might necessitate restricting access to specific websites to ensure adherence to policies or regulations.

Reduced Temptation: For individuals trying to break habits of spending excessive time on certain sites (like social media or gaming platforms), blocking these sites can serve as a helpful deterrent.

We need to block particular websites in a variety of situations:

It’s possible to block websites at night so that you can sleep well.

Parenting is made easier when children aren’t permitted on particular websites.

An office setting is intended to facilitate effective task completion. It is advisable to remove these distractions from the workspace because there are a lot of fascinating websites available.

Toxic website blocking is a way to secure browsers.

In Conclusion

In the Google Chrome web store various extensions for blocking websites but using Website Blocker Chrome Extension you can easily block or unblock particular websites. Use this extension to block such websites whenever you come across them and save time from visiting them again later.

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