10 Of The Most Common Cardboard Handle Boxes Styles For Shipping

When it comes to shipping and mailing boxes, one has to be very careful regarding the boxes’ choice to be used. The boxes chosen for the products’ shipping must be strong, durable, lightweight, customizable, and easy to handle. They need to be of different sizes and shapes to fit the items’ different sizes and dimensions accordingly. In all these aspects, corrugated boxes are the most suitable ones for shipping. Moreover, they are also available at comparatively lower rates than all the other packaging boxes, including materials like plastic and glass. So this is the reason why corrugated boxes have taken over the worldwide packaging as well as the shipping industry for quite a while now.

There is a wide range of Cardboard Handle Boxes available for shipping and packaging the goods from which you can easily choose which one best suits your products. Here are the ten most common cardboard box styles available for the shipping of goods. Let us have a look at the qualities and properties of each one of them separately.

Regular Slotted Carton (Rsc)

Also known as the regular slotted container, is the most used cardboard carton type. In this type, all four flaps of the carton are made of the same length that gives it a square shape. The two exterior flaps are aligned at the carton center when closed while the interior ones are not visible.

All Flaps Meet

This design of the carton is almost the same as the regular slotted carton. The only difference between these two cardboard handle boxes is that in this type, both the interior and exterior flaps are aligned at the center of the box. It provides a smooth and flat surface to the box and makes an even interior from the top cover when the flaps are closed.

Full Overlap Carton

In a full overlap carton, all four flaps are overlapped at the carton’s bottom side, which provides a cushioning effect and absorbs all the vibrations coming from the outside and prevents them from reaching the product present inside. Vibrations can damage fragile items like crockery; therefore, it is important to pack such fragile items in these cardboard handle boxes. All the four flaps are of the same length and cover the full carton. When the flaps are closed, they can be seen overlapped one upon another.

Half Slotted Carton

These Printed Mailer Boxes are similar to regular slotted corrugated cartons, but there aren’t any flaps on one side. Flaps are only present on one side of the carton. Half-slotted cartons are mostly used as covers as they only have a single pair of flaps. They are used in loading the goods easily for transportation. These boxes are suitable for putting large objects or clothes etc.

Five Panel Folder

The five-panel folder is the perfect packaging box for those items having a longer length with a small diameter as they provide maximum strength and protection to the packed products. Several cardboard layers are joined together, whereas the outer panel is known as the fifth panel, which is the only single cut in the box.

Design Style Tray

These printed mailer boxes that are designed in the form of a tray can be used to store articles. It is also used in the form of a top cover for another design-style tray or half-slotted carton. This flat tray style box is perfect for storing or transporting heavy and flat items. While you are packing the goods inside this box, the flaps are taped, glued, or stapled.

One Piece Folder

A one-piece folder is a single cardboard piece cut to achieve a flat and even bottom surface, whereas the sides of the box are formed with flaps. The flaps are formed in such a way that they cover the bottom as well as the top side of the carton. These folder-type boxes are mainly used for packing books and printed materials like magazines, newspapers, etc. However, it is not suitable for a confidential business document or a blueprint. For sending these types of confidential documents, mail tubes are used, which is another packaging box.

Double Cover Box

A double cover box has two portions or two partitions inside a single tall box. It is taller in size than all the other boxes and is suitable for packing the tall and heavy items. First, the item is placed at the bottom surface, and then the middle cover is placed on top of the item to cover it properly. That is how a double cover box is different.

Scored Sheets And Dividers

When the cardboard is cut into different shapes and sizes to insert inside the cartons for a product’s safety, they become scored sheets. They can also be called a partition or box insert that enhances its strength and provides more protection to the packaged goods. The main purpose of these scored sheets and dividers is to fill out all the blank spaces amid the products packed in a carton so that they do not misplace and get destroyed in the process of shipment.

Corrugated Pads

Corrugated pads are the single cardboard sheets used to cover the top and bottom of the packaged items. They are even used in between the items to form layers if they are packed in a single box. For example, if a complete dinner set is to be packed in one carton, these corrugated pads are needed to form vertical layers amid the different dinner set items to not cling with each other get broken.

These are all the types of cardboard handle boxes from which you can choose according to your product’s demand so that it remains safe during the intense process of shipment. If the correct type and accurate size of a box is chosen that fits your product perfectly, it will have the least access to the damage coming from the outside, and the product will reach its destination as it is, safe and sound!

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