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Your understanding of the foundations in areas including networking, IP services and connectivity, security, automation, and programming is tested on the CCNA course in dubai. The exam, which Cisco recently revised with an enhanced syllabus, primarily serves as a tool for IT networking professionals to show that they have the education required to pursue complicated networking administration and implementation roles in the ever-evolving and technologically advanced IT business.

You have the option of taking the real CCNA exam in person or online with a proctor. The 120-minute timed exam consists of 100 to 120 multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, simulation, testlet, simlet, and multiple-choice questions. If you pass, you can receive an electronic certification in three to five days or a paper certification in six to eight weeks following the exam. You can view your results right away after the test.

Your CCNA certification is valid for three years after completing the exam. You can either pursue a higher-level certification like the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or renew your current certification by retaking the exam.

The Advantages of Earning a CCNA

The CCNA has grown to be the most sought-after certification in the world and for good reason. Improvements in income potential are only one advantage of becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate. In fact, certified experts can make up to 13% more than their non-certified counterparts, according to CISCO.

Obtaining your CCNA is a means to demonstrate to prospective employers that you have demonstrated mastery of networking and security skills, boosting your likelihood of earning more money as a technology expert. CISCO is regarded as the industry standard for networking expertise, and obtaining a CCNA credential demonstrates your commitment to remaining current with industry skills and trends. This opens the door to a variety of network engineering positions and other technological employment. Additionally, having a CCNA certification can be a useful qualification for aiding applicants in obtaining H1 sponsorship.

How to Become CCNA

As long as you pass the exam, you can become a Cisco Certified Network Associate without having any formal training or education. However, Cisco advises at least one year of expertise with the deployment and management of Cisco solutions, as well as familiarity with the principles of IP addressing and networking.

Although there are no prerequisites for taking the CCNA, the exam covers a substantial amount of in-depth information, so you’ll probably need to prepare thoroughly if you want to pass. There are many different CCNA preparation packages available, including ones that are expressly geared toward helping you pass the exam and earn your certification.

An advanced technology master’s degree program, such as Touro University Graduate School of Technology’s Master of Science in Network Administration and Cybersecurity, may also include CCNA certification preparation. You won’t obtain your CCNA until you pass the Cisco test, regardless of whether you select a CCNA prep course or a master’s degree program that incorporates CCNA exam preparation.

CCNA Preparation at the NlpTech Master’s Program

While you could sign up for a CCNA boot camp-style course, Touro University Graduate School of Technology’s Master’s in Network Administration and Cybersecurity offers a better value for your money and positions you as a more qualified and desirable candidate. Additionally, you’ll gain from Touro University and Cisco’s industry partnerships. For example, Cisco hosts an annual career fair to assist certified students in locating employment with a range of major businesses.

The three-part curriculum for CCNA preparation developed by Cisco themselves is used by NlpTech as an Authorized Cisco Networking Academy. This curriculum consists of Intro to Networking (Part 1); Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials (Part 2); and Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation (Part 3). Over the course of two semesters, MSIN647 and MSIN679, these three areas of study are thoroughly addressed, ensuring you have the knowledge necessary to pass the CCNA exam and receive master’s degree credit.

Touro’s curriculum is excellent for anyone wishing to change careers or pursue a position in next-generation technology because it offers students the chance to attend an undergraduate prerequisite course before enrolling in the master’s degree to earn a CCNA.

The NlpTech Graduate School of Technology makes it simple to take the next step toward a fulfilling career in networking, cybersecurity, or automation by offering night classes and online options. Additionally, small class sizes guarantee you’ll receive a lot of one-on-one attention and have more opportunities to work with network simulators, which will provide you the practical experience you need to succeed in the real world.

Not only will you be prepared to take the CCNA exam after completing the Network Administration and Cybersecurity master’s program, but you’ll also have earned a master’s degree, which will immediately increase your pay potential and offer you an edge with potential employers.

Since the field of cybersecurity is predicted to grow by 33% over the next 10 years, earning your master’s degree can lead to an immediate 18% increase in median salary. Additionally, you’ll put yourself in a highly-desirable candidate pool for virtually any networking or Network Administration and Cybersecurity job you’d like to pursue.

What a CCNA Can Do for You

You’ll be completely equipped to pursue a variety of computer networking-related occupations, including network administrator, network architect, and network engineer, once you’ve earned your Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. CCNAs are in high demand since they have expertise that has been verified by Cisco, and these are just a few of the technical careers you could pursue after passing the CCNA exam:

The administrator of a network

You will be in charge of managing the organization’s networks and computer systems on a daily basis in this position. Any number of tasks, including ensuring that servers, intranets, LANs, and other data or communication technologies are operating as they should as well as server upgrades and repairs, may fall under this category. You should anticipate making about $85,000 a year on average.

Network Engineer

As a network architect, you will create blueprints and plans for the networking and computer systems of a business, taking into account everything from the required hardware to the best way to reduce security threats. You will then design and construct systems, which could be as straightforward as a local area network (LAN) or as complex as a cloud architecture. You may make roughly $117,000 a year, depending on your expertise and credentials.

System Analyst

A career as a network analyst might be ideal for you if you’re a natural problem-solver and love technology. Through the enhancement of IT systems, the addition of functionality, the discovery of new technologies, and the direction of decisions based on your technological skills, you will collaborate with your organization to develop ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, you may anticipate competitive pay, with an average yearly salary of $94,000.

Obtaining your CCNA can undoubtedly help you advance your technological profession by providing you with new opportunities to apply your knowledge in creative and significant ways. Get in touch with Touro University Graduate School of Technology right away to learn more about the CCNA preparation that is offered as part of the master’s program in Network Administration and Cybersecurity!

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