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Businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to soar to the greatest heights in the “finance world” are always on the lookout for an opportunity for DIFC Company Formation. It is referred to as the ultimate business destination. In addition to that, it is also included in the list of the top 8 financial centers in the world. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is nothing less than the “hub of international trade and finance”.

DIFC or the Dubai International Financial Centre is one of the leading free zones in the region. It is also referred to as the most ideal option for a company set up in the Gulf region.

How DIFC is the ideal business destination?

The DIFC is, undoubtedly the world’s leading financial center that connects all the regional markets with the worldwide leading economies. Moreover, it has about 1800 companies that are actively running their business operations in the most organized and effective way. Owing to this, it is absolutely safe to say that the DIFC Company Formation is a brilliant entrepreneurial approach.

Apart from this, this free zone is also known to attract a number of international companies, especially from regions outside of the Middle East, including Africa, South Asia, Europe, Asia, and America. DIFC’s esteemed clientele can also benefit from its perfect entrepreneurial environment in the following ways:

  • 100% company ownership
  • Standardized legal system
  • No restrictions on capital and profit withdrawals

Legal Company Structures available in the DIFC

It should be noted that the Dubai International Financial Centre is known to provide state-of-the-art legal structures that are nowhere to be found in the rest of the world. Some of these leading structures include the following:

  • Single-Family Offices
  • Holding Companies
  • Proprietary Investment Companies
  • Special Purpose Companies
  • Intermediate Special Purpose Vehicles

Licenses available for DIFC Company Formation

Notably, there are two kinds of licenses that you can eventually employ at the DIFC to further facilitate the process of effortless company formation in the DIFC. These include the following:

–           Regulated License

This license, in particular, covers all the banking and finance activities that are supported and regulated by the DFSA – Dubai Financial Services Authority.

–           Non-Regulated License

Secondly, the non-regulated license, on the other hand, is for all kinds of businesses apart from the banking and finance sectors. Moreover, it is known to cover other establishments like hotels or academic institutions. Also, the DIFC has a good amount of retail space that is governed by a non-regulated license.

Why invest in Dubai?

Owing to its amazing entrepreneurial environment, for many years Dubai has been referred to as one of the most attractive locations for investment for a large number of foreigners from all over the globe.

So why should you be interested in investing in Dubai altogether? Yes, DIFC company formation is the real reason. Moreover, we have compiled some other important perks as to why should you consider investing in Dubai. These include the following:

•          Advantageous taxation system

Although VAT was just announced, the UAE still boasts of having the best taxation system in the world. It is absolutely free of corporate and personal income tax.

•          Stability

Every entrepreneur dreams of developing a business in a stable environment. Therefore, in Dubai, you can actually benefit from this idea. Moreover, you would be delighted to know that the UAE is one of the safest countries in the world in terms of everything.

•          Innovation hub

Got a business idea? Time to head to Dubai. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal place for you to develop your innovative business idea. In addition to that, you have the full support of the concerned authorities and permissive legislation.

•          Free trade zones

We all know that DIFC is one of the most popular business destinations in Dubai. Furthermore, it is known to offer a stable and rapidly growing business climate. For this reason, DIFC can be an excellent business option for foreign investors.

Furthermore, in this blog, we also look at some interesting facts and figures about UAE’s economy which further validates the idea that DIFC is ideal for thriving business economies:

  • In the year 2020, the UAE recorded about $ 151 billion in total FDI.
  • Secondly, in a 2020 Business report, the UAE was ranked 16th out of 190 global economies for the ideal business environment and circumstances.
  • In 2019 alone, accommodation and food services used up most of the foreign investment in the UAE i.e. about 40 percent.
  • The UAE is known for its massive oil and gas exports around the world.
  • Lastly, according to 2020, over 122 business sectors in the UAE accept 100% foreign ownership in the UAE.

Perks of Easy DIFC Company Formation

It should be noted that establishing your presence in UAE through a DIFC Company Formation can be super beneficial in the following ways:

  • No tax on the business’s income or profit
  • Zero tax on capital repatriation
  • Unlimited availability of skilled labor and professionals
  • Outstanding infrastructure that is eventually ideal for the company’s productivity
  • Exclusive legal system, unique from UAE’s federal laws, to offer the best possible support to all the business firms in the jurisdiction
  • English Common Law to help the entities in the best possible way
  • Gather all possible local investments as well
  • A simple and easy process to get much-needed administrative support from the authorities. 

In a nutshell, now that we have thoroughly gone through the process of DIFC Company Formation, it is time to establish your presence in this region. For that, feel free to reach out to GCC Solutions, where our proficiently capable business consultants help you navigate the thriving corporate avenues in a much better way.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and let our experts guide you every step of the way. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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