Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost?

Home Depot offers key-making services at most locations. Customers can use the DIY key-making machine or visit an in-person service desk to have their keys duplicated.

The key-making process is relatively simple and fast. However, some keys cannot be copied, such as US Postal and programmable keys or car keys with chips.


Home Depot can make a variety of keys in-store, including house keys, car keys, cabinet locks, and padlocks. They also sell skeleton keys for older locks. However, they do not make transponder car keys. If you have a car that requires a Transponder keys service, you will need to visit a dealership or a specialized locksmith.

To get a key copied at Home Depot, you can either use the Minute Key Kiosk or ask an employee at the store’s customer service desk. The cost of a key copy depends on the type of key you need and how many copies you need to make.

The Minute Key Kiosk is easy to use and offers a convenient way to make key copies at Home Depot. The machine reads the key and determines whether or not it can be copied. Then, it will request payment, which can be made using a credit card or cash. The key copying process usually takes about 5 minutes.


Home Depot can make copies of standard house keys, keyless entry locks, padlocks, and even some car keys. However, they cannot copy modern car keys that have chips or remotes. These are best duplicated by a specialized auto dealer or locksmith.

The process of getting a key copied at Home Depot starts with inserting the original key into a machine that reads the grooves and ridges of the key. The machine will then either return the key if it can’t be copied or start making a new copy. The price of a key copy at Home Depot depends on the type of key you are getting copied, as well as the cost of the blank key.

Most Home Depot stores have a Minute Key kiosk that can make copies of metal keys. You can also ask an employee at the store’s customer service desk to make a copy for you.


Home Depot is working to combat retail theft, which costs the company millions. One way they’re doing this is by locking up products like power tools, which would require a customer to go back and ask for help to get them.

The company also monitors surveillance footage, allowing them to identify shoplifters and report them to law enforcement. Employees are trained to enforce anti-theft policies, but they are not allowed to physically apprehend shoplifters since this violates company policy. Instead, they will ring up some smaller items in the self-checkout lane or simply walk out the door with stolen products.


Home Depot can copy most key types, including house and office keys. However, they cannot duplicate modern car keys that contain chips or transponders. For these, customers should go to a specialized locksmith.

The process for obtaining a key copy at Home Depot is simple. An associate will insert your original key into a special machine that will create a duplicate using the exact contours of the original. This typically takes five minutes to complete.

The House key making service is available to anyone with a valid ID. The store offers a wide range of key blanks, from plain brass to ones with logos, and the cost is the same no matter which one you choose. Home Depot also offers discounts on key blanks for frequent customers

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