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Exploring Safety Glasses’ Z87 Technology for Maximum Protection

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Eye protection is a vital part of any safety program. But what do you look for when selecting eye protection? There are three main categories of eye protection. impact-resistant goggles, impact-resistant z87 safety glasses, and ballistic face shields. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks so it’s essential to know the differences between them in order to determine which one—or combination thereof—is right for your needs.

A Quick Look at ANSI Z87.1-2015

  • Why are safety glasses important?

Safety glasses z87 provide protection against flying objects and debris, as well as UV rays. They can also help protect the wearer from chemical splashes and dust, which can cause permanent eye damage if not properly protected.

  • How do I choose the right pair of safety glasses?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pair of ansi z87 safety glasses for your needs: size, lens color (clear or tinted), style (full frame or half-rimmed), etc. To ensure compatibility with all your tasks at work or home, look for models that offer multiple options so you can find one that matches what works best for each situation–and feel confident knowing they’ll remain comfortable throughout long hours spent wearing them!

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance is the ability to withstand an impact before breaking, determined by the lens material and its thickness, which are measured in g’s. The higher the number, the better your safety glasses impact resistance will be.

High-Velocity Impact

High-velocity impact is when a projectile enters your eye at least 500 miles per hour. This can occur when you’re shooting a gun or playing sports, or it could happen in an accident where something flies into your face.

High-velocity impacts are particularly dangerous because they cause more damage than other types of impacts. The force from these kinds of hits can cause tiny cracks in the lens and frame of your safety glasses–cracks that make it easier for dust particles and other contaminants to get inside your eyesight protection equipment (EPE), which could lead to serious eye injuries if left untreated for too long.

High Mass Impact

High mass impact, also known as high velocity or hard impact, is the most common type of impact. It occurs when a solid object such as a hammer strikes the lens. High mass impacts can cause serious injury to the eyes if safety glasses are not worn properly.

In order to protect against this type of injury, it’s important that your safety glasses have been tested for high mass impacts at least once every 12 months by an accredited laboratory that complies with ANSI Z87+ standards or equivalent.

Low Mass Impact

The impact resistance of a lens is measured in grams and is determined by the lens thickness, material, coating, and frame material. The thicker the lens material, the higher its impact resistance will be.

  • *Lens Material:** Polycarbonate lenses offer more protection than plastic lenses but are not as flexible or lightweight as polycarbonate ones. Also known as PC or Lexan, polycarbonates are transparent thermoplastic materials that can be bent without cracking or breaking. They’re used for everything from bulletproof windows to sports goggles to safety glasses!


Z87 safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from impact, high velocity, and high mass impact. They’re not meant for use with prescription lenses or other accessories such as tints or anti-fog treatments. The Z87 designation is the most common type of safety glasses used in industrial applications worldwide.

If your eyesight is important to you, then safety glasses are imperative.

If your eyesight is important to you, then safety glasses are imperative. You may be wondering why they’re so important when it seems. Like there are plenty of other safety equipment options available. Safety glasses can help protect your eyes from hazards like dust. And debris that might otherwise damage them or cause an infection. If not properly protected by a pair of plastic-lens frames.

Safety goggles are an important part of any workplace or home workshop’s safety kit because they provide protection against flying particles as well as UV rays. In fact, many jobs require workers to wear impact-resistant lenses while performing tasks such as drilling metal or grinding metal parts. If this sounds like something you do often at work or in your own personal projects around the house. Or even if not. The best thing to do is invest in quality Z87-compliant safety glasses made by reputable brands. Like Uvex and Smith Optics before heading out onto any job site where these hazards could pose a threat!


If your eyesight is important to you, then safety glasses are imperative. They’re not just something you should wear at work or on the job site, but also in everyday life. You never know when an accident could happen that could damage your vision permanently. Even if it doesn’t happen today tomorrow might be too late for prevention thanks to the impact-resistant technology found inside these types of eyewear!

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