How Airbnb Helps Startups Cut Costs and Maximize Efficiency

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow” – Bill Gates

The quote of Bill Gates says precisely how gimkit the internet is the central element of the future. Exactly, businesses grab the opportunities that get by the internet and skyrocket their business to the top. 

Among all, the rental industry is one to see lucrative growth. Before the emergence of the internet, rental was not seeing that much prosperity. After the internet came, the rental business has seen a radical path, which helped grow renters. 

In this article, you can see why entrepreneurs should choose a rental app for their business.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a blog Gulfintms on why starting an Airbnb clone is the ideal solution, then you have come to the right place. 

Keep reading the blog to find the reason. 

The Market View of the Airbnb Application

Though we know Airbnb is a popular renting application, we have gathered statistics to prove it in numbers. The total number of Airbnb script users is 150 million in 2022.  Airbnb has listings in over 220 countries and regions. 

As per the static, in 2021 the total value of the rental market is 44.4 million and the total revenue will grow to $ 86.5 million by 2027.

Last year’s income was $ 2.104 billion. There is clear evidence that starting an Airbnb will be successful and fortunate. 

The Benefits Of Using Airbnb For Startups 

100% Customizable:

Many mistakes are that Airbnb apps are not Fibahub fully customized and do not perform as they originally did. This is not true at all! The fact that from the aspects to functionality can be customized according to the entrepreneurs’ requirements. 

The originality of the app is not going to be changed while customizing. It is an app-like Airbnb all through the way. You can see the same global reach, accessibility, success rate, and more with your app like Airbnb. 

Modern Technology

Developers use cutting-edge tech stack to build apps like Airbnb. The technology that is used in the app-like Airbnb is even better than the technology that is used in Airbnb itself. The present day’s advanced technology is used to develop apps like Airbnb. 

The advanced technology that is used to develop an app like Airbnb are 

PHP- PHP is a script that creates dynamic web pages. It functions on the browser and is also capable of running on the command line. PHP code is only available in the terminal. 

AngularJS: AngularJS is a Javascript framework. Services are followed through the agile methodology and tend to deliver the best to clients. 

Laravel: Laravel is a framework in which we can create portals, SaaS products, and other web development products. It works for common tasks like authentication, routing, and caching. 

Swift– Swift is mainly used for developing software applications for Apple’s platform. It is a modern, fast, and safe language that provides high-performance and interactive applications.

Java – Java is used for developing software applications for various platforms. Java is a popular language due to its platform independence, meaning that Java code can run on any operating system.

These technologies help rental platforms like Airbnb to perform better and have high levels of functionality even at peak usage.

Better User Experience

User experience is important for all applications. Even the success of the app depends on the interface. All service-based business enterprises must provide the best user experience. As for a Vacation rental business, user experience can make or break your business. 

In Airbnb, users get a better user-friendly experience. Getting the user’s attention and visiting the platform again depends on the user experience. The platform is developed to iron out all the previous issues and bugs in Airbnb. 

The important UI/UX design aspects to consider in the development of an app like Airbnb are

  • Retain uniformity
  • Use a simple design
  • Fast loading speed
  • Use standard elements
  • Make it more interactive
  • Use large formats and visual 
  • Use high-resolution images
  • Use few fonts

Fast Reach & Development

Developing an app from scratch can be hard if you want to start with minimal time. Additionally, it consumes a lot of cost and resources. 

If you go with a customization solution, you can launch your app quickly. Besides that, it takes minimal time and cost to develop an app like Airbnb. 

When it is a customization option, it takes one week to two weeks to finish developing whereas when it is from scratch, it may take nine months to one year.


Scalability is another advantage of Airbnb apps. This is a good idea for entrepreneurs wishing to develop an app on a limited budget. Since the rental business is evolving and growing, you can scale the capacity of the platform. 

An app like Airbnb includes all the aspects and functionality that are used in Airbnb. You can get all your needs for your rental business. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a rental business, Airbnb is the best as it offers profitable advantages. 

The Fruitful Features Of App-Like Airbnb For Your Business

The feature is an important aspect of app growth. To work your rental business, you need fruitful features like Airbnb. So, let’s look at the features of Airbnb.

Multiple Login / Sign Up

This offers expedient multiple login / sign-up options like Facebook, Google, Apple ID and email to log into the platform

Advanced Search Options

Guests get advanced search & filter options that help guests in grabbing a good property. Search options include location, duration of stay, number of guests occupying, room type, and price. 

Advanced Filter Options

Guests can filter properties based on rooms, beds, bathrooms, and more. This option helps guests to discover the finest one among all the listings.

Multiple Booking Options

There are various options available for booking, including requesting a booking, instant booking, and contacting the host. With these options, users can book at their convenience. 


A wishlist allows guests to be prompted about their bookmarked place at the time of booking. It is one of the best tactics to enlarge business growth. 

Shared Room

The shared room option allows guests to stay together in a single place. The whole booking option will remain available till all the listings have been reserved. 

Why Invest Your Money In An App Like Airbnb?

After seeing the market view, you can find that Airbnb is a profitable business. Since many factors help Airbnb to skyrocket its business, the revenue model is one of the factors to look at when you invest in a business. 

Let’s see what the revenue model is.

Listing Fees: You can charge a listing fee to property owners who want to list their properties on your website or app. This model can work well if your platform has a strong reputation and attracts a large number of visitors.

Transaction Fees: You can charge a transaction fee for every successful booking made through your platform. This model is suitable for businesses that offer booking services, such as hotel or flight bookings.

Value-Added Services: You can offer value-added services to both property owners and travelers for an additional fee. These services can include things like cleaning services for properties, travel insurance, or concierge services for travelers. This model works best when you have a strong understanding of your target market’s needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of the section. I hope you have understood how Airbnb can be the best option for your business. 

In this article, you have found the market view of Airbnb clone, the benefits of developing apps like Airbnb, Must-have features, and reasons to invest in Airbnb.

If you want to know more detailed information about the above-mentioned thing, then contact the app development company. 

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