How Blockchain Consultancy Services Are Changing Different Industries

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For those wishing to integrate blockchain technology into their businesses, blockchain consulting and development services are the ideal solution. They provide a range of services, including the implementation of blockchain technology, project development, and investor sourcing, creating smart contracts, and creating initial coin offerings (ICOs). According to Statista, the size of the worldwide blockchain technology market from 2017 to 2027 is depicted in this statistic. In 2018, the global blockchain market was estimated to be worth 1.57 billion dollars, and by 2027, that figure is expected to have increased more than one hundredfold to 163 billion dollars.

The best blockchain consulting services will assist you in learning the fundamentals of how blockchain functions as well as practical applications for this technology. You may anticipate them to offer guidance on how to use blockchain technology in your company, what kind of service is ideal for your requirements, as well as implementation and maintenance services.

3 Unusual Use Cases for Blockchain Consulting Services and How They Can Benefit Businesses


A new kind of service that businesses are providing is blockchain consulting. They assist businesses in maximizing the usage of this technology and incorporating it into their marketing plans. Blockchain marketing is already in its future. And with it, the possibility for novel solutions to appear as well as for fresh perceptions of what the future may hold. Blockchain consulting and development services can assist businesses in determining how to take advantage of this technology and get a competitive edge.

Three of the many unexpected use cases for blockchain consulting services are listed below

  1. As a substitute payment option for customers,
  2. As a data protection tool,
  3. To verify customer testimonials on social media sites

Why Blockchain Consultancy Services Might Revolutionize Different Industries

The decentralized ecosystem of the blockchain is renowned for providing several options for industries to advance and grow. This newest business technology solutions also have the ability to unlock efficiency in service delivery for a variety of applications across many sectors, can help remove the need for reliable third parties in the logistics ecosystem, and has never before seen levels of democratization.

The technology’s distributed ledger structure has a significant impact on transaction security within major financial institutions. Blockchain has far more to offer than what it is now used for, and it is made to help businesses all around the world.

  1. Digital Marketing Sector

The future of digital marketing is being changed by blockchain consulting services. This is due to their capacity to offer superior analytics, increased transparency, and improved security. Blockchain technology is being utilized by numerous digital analytics firms to provide a platform for data management that is more transparent and accurate. With no need to worry about illegal access or harmful data manipulation, the distributed ledger technology of the blockchain offers a safe environment for storing data that can be accessed by any authorized user anywhere in the globe.

  • Finance and Banking

With rising instances of fraud, fake drugs, tampering with components, and other issues, the healthcare industry is facing several difficult problems. And only business technology solutions can completely transform the pharmaceutical sector and solve all of its problems, including fragmented interoperability and a lack of data standardization. Critical data like those from clinical trials, electronic medical records, patient information, immutable ledgers, and so forth could potentially be secured by it.

Beyond cryptocurrencies, there will be a huge financial shift in the coming years that will enable business automation software in a wide range of industries. Blockchain-powered transactions provide an effective and tailored user experience, can do away with infrastructure costs, compliance costs, and middleman fees, making them affordable for the end user.

Global economies can adopt modern banking, making it easy for money to flow in and out of countries, by digitizing payments on a secure network.

  • Healthcare

Over time, as new technologies have been developed, banking and financial services have undergone significant transformation. However its lack of operational openness, capacity for handling payments and settlements, and lack of accessibility have not altered. The blockchain has the essential key to changing the financial sector’s dynamics and resolving issues like fraud, excessive spending, and others. In order to manage complicated transactions easily and give their customers better service, several banks are currently adopting this technology into their systems.

The decentralized eco-system of the technology keeps together the fragmented data and helps preserve a trackable, transparent, and unalterable track record. Applications built on the blockchain are advantageous for both service providers and patients since they will protect data access, rapid, and easy.

  • Playing Games and Having Fun

The modern music, entertainment, and gaming industries are not decentralized. The worldwide entertainment industry is greatly threatened by problems like copyright and piracy. Smart Contracts, one of Blockchain’s finest features, could aid entertainment companies in securely managing the access rights to their owned content.

Musicians can share their work directly on platforms enabled by blockchain without the need of a middleman. Additionally, it provides a digital public database where all the encrypted ownership records can be safely kept. By safeguarding payments, lowering transaction costs, and making it easier to uphold license agreements, the usage of cryptocurrencies also eliminates all middlemen.

  • Real Estate

Real estate blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry in ways that have never been possible before. Lack of transparency, a tons of paperwork, middleman fees, and several negotiation processes go into the buying or selling of any property.

All the issues can be resolved with the aid of modern technologies. A safe and effective method of bridging the gap between purchasers and property owners is provided by smart contracts. It assists in smoothly completing all legal requirements for the transaction and money disbursement. This reduces the additional cost by getting rid of the middleman costs. Applications that use blockchain technology can speed up the leasing process, make payments easier and more secure, and streamline other financial processes.


Other than the businesses indicated above, blockchain technology has the potential to open up enormous opportunities for many more sectors. Yet if your company is not utilizing the power of the decentralized ecosystem at this time, it is losing out on interoperability, transparency, traceability, security, and the capacity to operate freely.

The world is about to undergo a dramatic transition, and the businesses that have the necessary skill sets to take advantage of the new technologies will stand to gain the most from it. If you are looking for business automation software and blockchain consulting services then get in touch with Sky Potentials.

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