Decorative pillows are one of the most essential elements of interior design. They can dramatically change the look of a room. They can give idyllic, cosy, timeless elegance or loft-like ease, depending on the chosen variant. Sometimes one pillow determines the whole design of a living room or bedroom. When choosing decorative pillows, both their size and colour are essential. Today we suggest how to choose suitable decorative pillows for the interior. We encourage you to read our guide.

How to choose suitable decorative pillows for the sofa?

Choosing suitable decorative pillows or decorative pillowcases is a challenging task. When choosing them, you should pay attention to several important issues:

Size of decorative pillows

When choosing the size of decorative pillows, it is best to follow the size of the sofa on which they will be placed. The most popular sizes of decorative velvet cushion covers are 40×40, 40×60 or 50×60. When we have a large or corner sofa in the living room with a lot of seating space, we can opt for decorative pillows in an even larger size, e.g. 50×80 or 65×65.

Decorative pillowcase material

Decorative pillowcases can be made of cotton, jersey, terry cloth or cotton satin. Each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cotton is made of natural fibres. It is a material that is soft to the touch, breathable, environmentally friendly and easy to care for.

Satin is a type of satin, a fabric, most often cotton, sometimes silk. Satin pillowcases look extremely elegant and luxurious due to their sheer gloss.

Jersey is a material that shows many positive qualities. It is made of 100% cotton and has properties suitable for this material.

On the other hand, terry pillowcases are soft and very pleasant to the touch. They give the interior a cosy character.

Colour of decorative pillowcases

The colour of decorative pillowcases is one of the essential steps in choosing textiles for the living room or bedroom. When choosing the colour of the pillowcases, it is worth determining the colour palette in a given room first so that the pillows match other decor elements. Cushions for the sofa can be matched to the colour of curtains, carpets, walls, furniture or other accessories. The choice of pillows in the colours of accessories will allow them to harmonize perfectly.

The colour of the pillowcases and the season

Some people choose decorative cushions according to the season and the aura outside the window (e.g. “hairy” pillowcases will look good in winter, but in spring and summer, it is better to choose smooth textures).

Choosing the colour of decorative pillowcases using the filling method

Another way to match the colour of the decorative is the complement method, which combines two colour opposites (e.g. yellow or mustard decorative pillowcases are matched to a grey corner).

Number of decorative pillows on the sofa

The number of pillows on the sofa should depend on its size. However, there should be few of them because there may be nowhere to sit. For two-seater sofas, 3-4 are enough. On a 3-seater sofa, we can put 4-5 pillows; on an armchair or chaise longue, one pillow is enough.

What shape of a decorative pillow to choose?

We often buy square pillows because they are the most versatile, the easiest to match the pillowcases to them, and also, this shape is the most comfortable – a square pillow is an excellent support for the back. A pillow in this shape is also an excellent support when sitting on a chair or armchair. Round or cylindrical decorative pillows will also look good on the sofa.

What decorative pillows for a grey corner sofa?

Undoubtedly, grey is a colour that is very often chosen for interiors. It perfectly harmonizes with other colours and is universal and timeless. A grey sofa is a good background for modern and classic interiors. However, a grey sofa may become too monotonous in the long run, so it is worth breaking it with intense colour. Virtually all colours match the grey sofa, so choosing the colour depends entirely on us. However, remember that the sofa with pillows should be in harmony with the rest of the arrangement.

How to arrange decorative pillows on the corner?

There can be many pillow arrangements. Everything depends on our imagination. The most popular arrangement is to arrange the cushion on the sofa evenly and symmetrically – usually, two pillows are on each side. You can also arrange four decorative pillows next to each other across the entire sofa width. An equally common solution is to arrange three cushions on one side and one pillow on the other side of the sofa.

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