Top 10 Cologne For Men By Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, Established in 1924 by the then-well-known German Designer Hugo Ferdinand Boss by inheriting his family Business Lingerie and Linen shop. Slowly and Steadily they set up a vast Business and in 1954 Hugo Boss and Fragrance had their first Flirtation. In 1985 they Introduced their First Contemporary Fragrance Hugo Boss Cologne For Men named Boss No.1. And This Became a Hit and then in the 1980s and 1990s, they introduced many other fragrances and in 1997 wait for Women’s perfume was over as Hugo Boss Introduced their First Women Perfume named Hugo Woman. 

From a Shop of Linen and Lingerie Hugo Boss has come a long way around and now is a World leading Fashion Brand that Completes Your Wardrobe from Clothes To Perfume and Everything.

Now Talking About The Best Cologne you can put your hands on to outshine everyone here we have the Top 10 Cologne by Hugo Boss For Men.


Boss Bottled Night Cologne has Top Notes of Birch and Lavender with Middle Notes of Violet. All this went nicely with The Base Notes of Woody and Some Musky Notes. It launched in 2010 specially for Highly Ambitious Men, who have a hunger for their ambitions and new challenges every single day. This Cologne is fused to be the fragrance that gives Intense Notes and Woody Masculinity. It goes perfectly on a man who wants to look his best throughout the day. It is perfect for Date Nights and Formal meetings to look Bold and Confident.


Boss Bottled Unlimited Cologne, Launched in 2014 for Men and It consists of the top notes of Mint, Violet Leaf, and Grapefruit, whereas the middle notes or the heart notes are Pineapple, Rose, and Cinnamon. When All these dries up the base notes kick in which are Sandalwood, White Musk, and Pineapple. It is a perfect Aromatic Blend of all the ingredients that make this cologne the boost of motivating energy with a mixture of invigorating freshness. It lasts for 8+ hours after applying. That is perfect for a first date with someone special.


Hugo Just Different Cologne is crafted in 2011 as an Aromatic Fragrance For Men. It has Top Notes of Granny Smith Apple and Mint which goes very well with the Middle Notes of Coriander, Freesia, and Basil. The Base Notes are Patchouli, Olibanum, Casherman, and Labdanum. It is a nice and relaxing fragrance that is versatile and suitable for every occasion. The Soft Musky Woodiness helps it to stand out and prevents it to become a sporty one. If you are looking for a head-turner then this is a must-try Cologne.


Baldessarini Cologne For Men was launched in 2002. Pierre Wargnye And Jean-Marc Chaillan crafted this Cologne. It has top notes of citrus from Tangerine and bitter orange and mint. Then the Middle Note of Cloves and Chamomile comes in which gives it a spicy note and stands out for a while. As these notes dried out they kicks in the base notes of musk, amber, and Patchouli. It lasts for 5+ hours after applying. It is best for a short trip or a coffee date.


Hugo Iced Cologne is launched as an Aquatic Aromatic Fragrance in 2017 For Men. That is a Simple Fragrance that gives satisfactory simulation. And has Top Notes of Tea and Mint with Middle Notes of Juniper and Bitter Orange, and the Base Note is Vetiver. It is Fresh, Minty, and Masculine that is well Blended and has a Natural scent. It is Resemblance of Fresh Greenery after Rain and comes with good Longevity. That is best for summer weather or a Hot day out with family or friends. 


Boss Bottled was Launched in 1998 and was created by Christian Dussoulier and Annick Menardo. It is a Spicy and Woody Fragrance for Men. The Top Notes are Plum, Lemon, Apple, Geranium, Oakmoss, and Bergamot; Middle Notes are Carnation, Cinnamon, and Mahogany; and The Base Notes are Sandalwood, Vanilla, Olive Tree, Vetiver, and Cedar. It is a good Balanced, Casual, and Allrounder Scent. It can be worn on any occasion because of its good longevity and projection.  


If you are looking for a perfume that goes well for a Very Fancy Date or a Party on a cool Summer evening, then this is the best cologne for you. Boss Bottled Absolute Cologne is a woody-aromatic cologne for Men. It has smooth and woody notes which come from its top notes of Plum, Apple, and Bergamot, then the heart notes kick in which consist of Cinnamon and Cashmere Wood. The Base notes consist of Musk, Olive Tree, Cedar, dry wood, and sandalwood. It is a more woody and smoother version of EDT(Eau De Toilette).


Hugo Extreme Cologne is an updated version of Classic Hugo Man from 1995. It is a Green Aromatic Fragrance that was launched in 2016. The Top Note is Green Apple; Middle Notes are Sage, Lavender, and Geranium; and the Base Notes are Cedar and Balsam Fir. Extreme Cologne is a Clean and fresh scent that gives energetic and invigorating vibes. It has Long Lasting Performance and is an excellent daily wear fragrance. It has a noticeable projection and is a great value-for-price product.


Boss The Scent is Blended by Pascal Gaurin and Bruna Jovanovic as a Spicy aromatic Fragrance in 2015. It has Top Notes of Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, and Ginger; Middle Notes are Lavender and Maninka; and The Base Notes are Woody and Leather Notes. And is a Rich Evening Scent Fused with Light and fresh Notes which makes it a Young But Classy Scent. It is a Clean, Non-Soapy, Scent which Gives it a sweet Masculinity that is inviting and gives sensuality. The Scent is best for a Date Night or a Special Occasion to Turn Heads. 


Baldessarini Cool Force Cologne was launched in 2005 for Men and was crafted by none other than Pierre Bourdon. It gives a fresh marine aroma; it has notes of Cardamom, Sicilian Bergamot, and Rosewood. The Heart notes of this cologne are Neroli, Calone, Clary sage, and some sea notes. As it dries up it gives the notes of Musk, Cedar, Patchouli, and  Sandalwood. It lasts for almost 10+ hours after applying, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying all day. It is best for people who do long hours of work throughout the day and also best for a long trip.

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