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SEO (search engine optimization) Courses and services are gaining importance and popularity every year. However, the market lacks specialists with technical knowledge that every positioner should have. After our unique on the market course as a junior SEO specialist, you have a chance to fill this gap and respond to the current needs of employers. In addition, by choosing a higher package, you expand your portfolio with another project and gain competence in the field of content marketing. The SEO course Lahore is for people who are looking for a profession of the future. You don’t need to know about programming, SEO or content marketing – we’ll teach you. All you need is basic computer skills and a willingness to learn.

SEO Course Duration

The SEO course lasts from 9 to 14 weeks, depending on the selected package. It is a time of intensive learning of a new profession and workshop work. During the SEO course Lahore, you will gain the skills necessary to perform a website audit, prepare SEO strategy and recommend optimization activities in the field of key phrases and content, website structure and linking. You will also learn to independently implement optimization changes using the learned programming languages. By choosing the highest package, you also gain the ability to create effective content. Intensive work can translate into your first job in a new profession.

reimbursement icon Cost reimbursement Graduates employed by content partners can count on a return on investment in the SEO course. As a graduate, you gain knowledge, two projects for your portfolio, a new profession, and financial security. current knowledge icon Current knowledge.

SEO Services Agencies

The program of the SEO course was prepared together with leading SEO services based on the analysis of employers’ needs. We know that we will teach you what employers need and expect. As part of higher packages, we will also prepare you for future recruitment. Real Web idea is a very well-structured course, presenting the most important issues in the field of positioning based on practical examples. I recommend it both to people who already know a bit about SEO, and to everyone who is starting their adventure with the industry. In our agency, for the SEO department, it is a must have, while other ,departments of the agency are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the course. Do you want to learn how to start positioning on the Internet? Take advantage of SEO Real Web idea Courses.

SEO Courses for Beginners and Intermediates

Formats for beginners and intermediate positioning adepts. In total, you will receive 360 ​​pages of proven and reliable knowledge about SEO services Lahore. In the store you can also find other educational materials, thanks to which you can conduct an SEO audit, learn about interesting Case Studies and, learn how to learn positioning in practice. The course is full of substantive tips, thanks to which you will avoid mistakes in the positioning strategy and use tactics that bring measurable effects in the form of increasing your position.

Special checklists are included with the course to help you plan your SEO audit, keyword selection, content creation, and site building and architecture. Real Web idea is an SEO Company with over 10 years of experience who shares his knowledge for free. Currently, he runs his own SEO services, regularly appears at Polish industry conferences (e.g. I Love Marketing) and conducts classes with students.  Positioning service and SEO – what are we dealing with then?

SEO Services Positioning

The website SEO service is more than a one-time review of the website – an audit, even in the extended variant combined with the preparation of optimization recommendations. The information obtained during them becomes the basis for the preparation of a positioning strategy covering elements such as:

> optimization of the website, e.g. in terms of speed,

> optimization of meta tags in terms of keywords written in the contract,

> preparation and implementation of unique, optimized and appropriately long content on the website,

> linking divided into stages and diversified in terms of link type and sources,

> performing redirects,

> introducing improvements and changes suggested by Google Search Console.

The above list of works is not exhaustive and contains only sample activities. The type of access to the website available to the SEO services is also important here. For the comprehensive provision of SEO services, full access to the website is very useful to people.

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