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Stunning NFT marketing Strategies for In-Game NFTs: Best Tactics To Follow

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With the world shifting towards Web 3.0, the next stage of web evolution, the adaptation of technological innovation, and advancements have become the core foundation for the gaming industry. Since the basic concept of gaming has transformed drastically from a simple entertaining interactive form to a whole complicated yet captivating universe, a new type of gaming has been creeping into the global market with overwhelming success.

NFT in gaming! Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are now a booming business these days. Since NFTs sell millions of dollars, almost every business organization is trying to strike the heated iron to maximize its profit. When you seek a blockchain solution exclusively for your company, you partner with a custom blockchain development company. Likewise, businesses these days are hiring NFT development companies to design and develop customized NFTs for their business.

Precisely, NFT gaming crypto is eating the world.

  • While Cryptocrisp, introduced by Pringles got sold at Rarible for more than $2000, non-fungible pizza by Pizza Hut got sold for $8,824 on Rarible.
  • Above $600 million in value of NFTs got sold in less than 5 months in 2021.
  • ”Stay Free”, the digital art by Edward Snowden got traded in the Ethereum blockchain network at a whacking $5.5 million.

Eyes got dazzled?

However, not all digital artworks can fetch such a whopping value. It solely depends on how you market your NFTs. So, besides developing Non-Fungible Tokens, it is also crucial to consider the most effective NFT marketing strategies to increase the popularity and sale of NFTs.

Why Marketing is Crucial for NFT Success

NFT games get hiked in value within the blink of an eye. But, the hardcore truth is that success does not fall from trees. The swing of popularity and the highest bids get generated through the implementation of comprehensive and well-optimized NFT marketing strategies. The present NFT market is crowded, and competition is getting impressive and stiffened.

The buzzing of an NFT game requires a well-crafted marketing campaign and proven practices. For example, you have partnered with a cryptocurrency wallet development company to build cryptocurrencies. But, similarly, you require stunning crypto marketing tactics to let your cryptos thrive across the digital world. Let’s dig out some amazing practices to boost the NFT marketing campaign.

If we take the reference of CryptoKitties, well, at the initial stage, only people interested in Ether and bitcoins knew about this game. And now, CryptoKitties is the talk of the world. It is the CryptoKitties that escalate gamers’ interest in Ethereum Blockchain. All over the world, people spend millions of dollars buying these digital cats and their breeding. Even if you go to some countryside, your ears can catch people gossiping about bitcoins and CryptoKitty. At present CryptoKitties yields 15% above the entire Ethereum network capacity.

So, what is the secret sauce AxiomZen used while cooking these digital cats?

As we said earlier, success does not just pop up one day. Let’s dig out some proven NFT marketing strategies for NFT gaming.

Stunning NFT marketing Strategies for In-Game NFTs

Following are some of the crucial and powerful NFT marketing strategies to increase the sale of your in-game NFTs:

Create a Short Promo

Have you ever watched a movie without peeping at its trailer? No, right?

Nobody does that. It goes with the gamers too. Most of the time, gamers watch a teaser or promo video first and then buy the game or digital artwork. 

Both individuals and NFT gaming companies can create promos of their digital artwork and use them as a teaser to kick things off.

  • Think, what is the most exciting part of your NFT gaming crypto?
  • You can include it in your teaser. A thrilling NFT promo video can convince thousands of gamers at once.
  • What is the formula for making a buzzing Promo Video?
  • Keep it short, comprehensive, and captivating.

Social Media Marketing

Social Channels like YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have always been the thrilling open field of opportunities for all business and marketing prospects. Besides only using social media as a place to get connected with friends, and loved ones, people also prefer social media for playing games, and getting the top updates from the gaming world.

Being considered the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube welcomes all types of products and marketing endeavors, even gaming. If you do not have a YouTube or Facebook account, then get one. Navigate the right social media where your targeted audience spends most of the time.

Determining Targeted Audience

In this part, game studios make the biggest mistake. They approach everyone across every platform for their game promotions. It is a complete waste of resources indeed, generating less conversion compared to the expectation. You may not want to market and sell diapers to every young adult, who does not have infants. If you do so, the outcome of the marketing campaign would go irrelevant and in vain. 

So be strategic while targeting your audience:

  • What kind of NFT game does your studio produce?
  • The frequency of introducing digital artwork of your company
  • The aesthetic of your NFTs
  • What community your company is a part of?

Try to put people of every category in the list of your targeted audience. For instance, some of KFC’s and Burger King’s product segments include teens who look for a place to hang out after school or college. Channels like Reddit, Telegram, Clubhouse, and Discord, are among the few that help the most to build a direct relationship with crypto and NFT players.

Get Aware of the Best Channels

Since nearly all artists and business organizations are ready to jump on the NFT wagon, NFT games have become the mainstream phenomenon. But, unless you know where to sell your NFT products, the implementation of NFT marketing strategies will sound meaningless. Following are the top marketplaces to sell NFTs, based on their category and individualism.


Rarible is a famous NFT gaming platform allowing both digital artists and game studios to list and sell their customized crypto assets like digital art, memes, games, music, etc. Rarible links up with various crypto wallets.


OpenSea is the greatest and the biggest platform for listing and selling NFT games. Having a crypto wallet account is all you need to open an account at OpenSea.

Myth Market

For individuals and game studios interested in amazing gamers’ minds through providing unique trading cards, Myth Market would be the best place.


The main motto of SuperRare is to promote new and talented digital artists. Integration of the SuperRare account with the Ethereum account is available.


NFTHunters is the best place to list and promote NFT games. At NFTHunters the buyers never need to scroll down the Various NFTs to check out the most recent ones. NFTHunters always sends updates to the subscribed gamers. It serves both the purpose of the game studios as well as the gamers.


When it comes to determining effective in-game NFT marketing strategies, the possibilities are endless. As top brands, gaming studios, and celebrities determine to offer innovative NFT, it is no wonder the hottest trend everyone looking for.

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