Tips to Find Animal Daycare Edmonton

Animal Daycare Edmonton can help your pet learn how to socialize without you around. This can make it easier for you to leave your puppy when you go to work. However, not all daycares are created equal.

Look for a facility with plenty of space for pets and a reputable staff. Ask about staff training, how they handle conflicts, and their philosophies on animal group behavior.

1. Ask for recommendations

Often, pet owners get recommendations from friends and neighbors or they learn about pet-care providers through their veterinary care team. They also look for facilities that are licensed, bonded, and insured and are near a vet clinic. They also ask about staffing, activities, and the dog-to-staff ratio.

Hiring the right employees is crucial to your daycare business’s success. Ensure that any potential employees have a love for dogs and the ability to create a safe environment for them. You can also consider hiring employees with specialized qualifications, such as those with backgrounds in grooming or training, to add value to your services.

Price your service appropriately to attract the right audience. Conduct thorough market research to determine the prices of similar businesses in your area, and make sure to justify any price increases with enhanced services. You can also offer a membership program or loyalty program to encourage repeat customers. Finally, promote your business on social media and through paid advertising to expand your reach.

3. Talk to the staff

Gillian is an animal lover who has a soft spot for furry, feathered and finned friends. She lives in rural Alberta with her cherished canine, feline and equine companions.

When interviewing caregivers, ask them about their training in pet behavior and canine body language. You’ll want to be sure they understand warning signs that indicate your dog may be stressed or in pain.

She also recommends asking about the daycare’s veterinary management plan. Ask how they will contact your veterinarian for non-emergency care and what veterinary decisions they are allowed to make on your behalf in your absence.

You should also inquire about the daycare’s fencing and safety measures. Is the fence tall enough to prevent dogs from jumping or digging underneath, and is there a double door entry system to prevent doors being accidentally opened by high-energy dogs? This will help ensure the safety of all the pets in the daycare. This feature is particularly important if you’re choosing a residential home daycare.

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