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What is Digital Advertising? And why does my company need it?

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Digital advertising is another of the many channels that a company has to connect with its audience in this format.

Currently, this type of advertising has gained great popularity due to many factors, such as its high level of segmentation in terms of the target audience, the low level of investment it requires and the wide variety of digital platforms in which a company can have a presence. brand.

In this article we will address everything related to the subject, so that you can discover what are the advantages of digital advertising and the many reasons why your business should be using it today.

What is meant by digital advertising?

Digital advertising is a set of promotion and communication techniques that brands develop within the different digital platforms in order to gain positioning, attract customers and make sales.

Today there is a wide variety of media on the Internet through which a company can launch an advertising campaign at a very low cost and in different types of formats.

Existing types of digital advertising.

As we have already said, today digital companies have many ways to spread their messages on the web and promote their products or services. Among the alternatives that you can use to advertise your business are:

It is about paid search engine positioning, basically what you are looking for is that your ad is linked to some keywords HPE MSA R0Q35A 960GB SSD, so that when a user performs an Internet search the ad is shown as one of the many results.

Currently there are two ways to do SEM advertising , one is through featured ads and the other way is Google Shopping ads, which allows you to display an image of your product as in an e-commerce platform.

It is a series of steps that will allow your website to obtain better results in different internet search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The general idea is to gain visibility on the internet using this method so that it is easier for your potential client to find you and thus make a sale, if you want to know more about this topic you can visit our post on what is Global SEO Services.

We are sure that on more than one occasion you have entered a website where an image with or without movement was displayed, in which something was advertised. These are display ads.

Small banners

They are simply small banners with powerful calls to action and an image that tries to illustrate some kind of experience so that people are tempted to click on the ad.

Of all the types of online advertising, this can be one of the most intrusive, mainly on platforms like YouTube, where the video is cut from time to time to make you watch 5 seconds of anything else.

However, video marketing is one of the strategies that generates the most conversions today and can make the difference between closing a sale or not.

Sooner rather than later, your brand will have to start carrying out some type of advertising promotion on one or more social networks, mainly because that is where customers live.

All social platforms have an advertising tool, which allows you to segment the audience you are targeting to the maximum and generate conversions effectively.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is one of the best ways to re-engage people who have already visited your website and are interested in one of your products.

This type of advertising is simply based on showing personalized ads to specific customers according to the actions they have taken on the web portal of your business.

Not all ways to connect with your audience, build awareness, and get leads are linked to advertising, or at least not to selling directly.

Branded content is a great way to build a following, build customer loyalty, and enhance a company’s values.

Finally, another of the highly effective channels when it comes to digital advertising is the distribution of emails to previously established contacts.

This channel is really ideal both for making unique campaigns and for supporting other promotion strategies on the Internet.

Main benefits that digital advertising brings to your business.

The main reasons why you should advertise for your company on the Internet are the following:

  • Increase the reach of your brand, especially display advertising and on social networks, it allows you to reach a greater number of people than organic traffic from search engines could bring you.
  • Greater segmentation, all advertising platforms have demographic and qualitative data that seeks to ensure that your message reaches exactly the type of customer you want.
  • Charging for results, unlike traditional advertising media where you are charged simply for the promotional space, on the Internet you only pay when the action expected by the audience occurs. As it can be: Pay per click, pay per thousand impressions or pay per acquisition or conversion.
  • Measurement in real time. Another huge advantage is that you will always be aware of the results of your campaigns and you will be able to decide as soon as possible if you continue with that strategy or change it.
  • Wide variety of formats, the Internet will allow you to be highly creative, you can generate from simple static banners to promotional web series and all at a very low cost. In addition to being able to test different combinations of images, texts and calls to action, to detect the most effective advertising.

Summary of the post and frequently asked questions about digital advertising:

What is digital advertising?

It is a set of strategies that allows brands to communicate and promote their products, services and values, through different digital platforms.

What are the types of digital advertising that exist?

There are several types of advertising available on the Internet, but they are classified as follows:

  •  as,
  • Advertising Display
  • Video Ads
  •  Social Media Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Branded Content
  • Email marketing.

What types of objectives can be achieved with digital advertising?
All business goals can be achieved, from ensuring reach to a larger audience, helping website positioning, generating leads, increasing conversions, to closing sales.

Why is digital advertising so much more profitable than offline advertising?
Digital advertising is much more profitable, because it is paid when a brand objective has actually been achieved, that is, pay per click is only charged when a user has actually decided to visit the ad link.

Payment per thousand impressions is only charged when the advertising has reached a large number of people who have actually seen it, which helps to position the brand.

Lastly, payment for acquisition is only made if a conversion occurs.


Digital advertising is a highly effective means of promotion for any business with an Internet presence. There are many ways to connect with your audience at really affordable prices.

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