What Is Meme Marketing: The Rise Of Memes in 2023

No one in 2023 is not familiar with the term Memes. Many people get to know about recent events by looking at memes. If anything happened, a meme is made regarding it. Though this term was introduced in 1976 by the famous biologist Richard Dawkins. 

In the past recent years’ memes became mainstream and almost all social media platforms are filled with memes. Many Facebook pages have meme accounts where people are paid to create memes about all the events that happen. 

The growth of memes is huge, even celebrities are seen enjoying memes that are created to troll them. Memes are a new way of becoming popular among the masses. Since the internet is the most powerful thing, any word or action that has been done becomes famous. 

Coming towards its use for marketing, memes have helped businesses to gain much popularity. It is a great way to attract people to your brand. When a meme is associated with your business, it automatically reaches a large number of online communities. 

So, memes are not just bringing fun, but they also get money to businesses. But how? In this blog, we are going to know how businesses are using memes to promote their services and products. 

Brands hire meme creators for their social media handles it is not an easy task to create memes. Similarly, to create Wikipedia pages you need Wikipedia page creator so that page can meet the requirement and policy. 

Let’s See Some Examples Of The Meme Marketing Examples

These businesses have gained much popularity and as a result, increased sales. These brands made the most from meme marketing. 

  • Netflix

Netflix has tremendously made its way to becoming famous. Its effects are resonating with many millennials and have made them engaged in watching TV shows and Netflix movies. Memes have driven many viewers to watch Netflix content.

  • Tinder 

Tinder is a dating app that became famous when the rise of memes took over the internet. People started creating memes on Tinder dates and as a result, Tinder started using memes to make their business popular. 

Many Tinder ads contain memes to grab the attention of the users. Even if someone is not interested in finding a date, they would still download the app just to have fun. The Adulting Can Wait campaign gained much popularity through memes on billboards. 

  • Gucci

Though you would hardly notice high-end brands using dank humor to promote their products, Gucci did, and it paid off. High fashion memes become a thing, all thanks to Gucci.

This brand promoted its newly launched watches through memes that made people laugh and compelled them to buy since it became famous.

So, these were the top 3 examples of brands that utilized meme marketing. 

Some Meme Marketing Tips That Can Save You From Being Cancelling Out 

If something has its perks, it has its downs too. Many celebrities and famous people are trolled on Facebook and Instagram through memes. However, they do take these memes for fun but at times it become offensive.

Memes are also known for offending people and to make sure your brand is not doing the same. Save these tips. 

  • Try Not To Be Offensive 

Make sure the memes you are going make are not offending any living or dead human being. When brands target other brands their memes become offensive in many ways. 

So do not target any particular religion, community, or group. Never insult any brand for their quality; even if you want to target them, do that in a way that doesn’t seem offensive. No slang or slur language. 

  • Stay Focused On The Subject 

Since your main goal is to brand yourself through memes so keep it that way. Memes should feel original and not way too informal. Everyone just wants to jump into the trend and with that brands forget that they have to be professional. 

  • Follow The Rules 

The rules are simple, your memes have to be short, easy to read, good quality graphics, and the meme template should match the context. The fonts have to be visible and the context has to be relatable to the content. 

  • Post When The Iron Is Still Hot 

There is no point in making a meme if the event has passed. Make sure that you are posting memes on social media platforms when the rage is still there. Once the topic is dried, you may get less engagement on the topic. 


So, this was all about meme marketing and how it has helped business. Focus on the tips so that your meme does not get blocked by social media platforms for not following community guidelines. 

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