Why Digital Invites Are a Great Option For Your Event

Digital invites are a great option for many events. You can choose from a wide variety of templates that fit your style and event needs.

Remember to avoid getting font-happy in your design. Just three or fewer fonts will usually work well in an invitation.

Some of your guests may not be tech-savvy or use email often, so mailed invitations are an excellent option for them.

Easier to send

Some people still believe that online invitations don’t convey the same sense of elegance and importance as a letterpress card from Evite, and they may be right. But there are also a number of great online invitation sites that produce designs that evoke the same feeling as those elegant letterpress cards from your snail mail inbox.

Another major advantage of Digital invites is that they can be sent immediately and without any chance of getting lost in transit – which can happen with physical invitations. And since they’re stored electronically, your guests can always retrieve them as many times as they need to.

Some Digital invites even have built in functionality that allows your guests to RSVP online, which can save you time and eliminate the risk of forgetting to write down an RSVP or losing it in the mail. This feature can be especially useful for weddings or other events where you want a quick and accurate head count.

Convenient for guests

Unlike physical invitations, which require guests to print out responses and manually submit them, digital invitations land directly in your invitees’ inboxes. This gives your guests the ability to respond in just a few clicks, while keeping you updated on responses as they come in.

This makes tracking guest attendance much easier, and means that there’s less chance of accidentally missing a person in your list when distributing invites or writing down their address on the RSVP card. Especially important for couples where it’s common for both names to be included, as well as children and guests with plus ones, digital invitations make it easy for you to keep everyone on the same page.

Digital invitations also allow you to send reminders and updates in real time, which can help generate excitement for your event, drive ticket sales or donations and even help you reach a wider audience through precision-targeting. You can also include a link to purchase tickets in your invitation, which is great for those looking to make their event a little more special.

Saves money

A traditional invitation suite can cost thousands of dollars, including a lot of paper and postage. With digital invitations, you can save all that extra money and put it toward your reception.

Digital invitations also require less printing and detailing, saving you even more cash. This means you can get really beautiful invitations for less!

Of course, if you want to make a physical keepsake out of your event’s invites (or have certain older relatives who prefer hard-copy send-outs) digital invitations may not be the right choice for you. However, for most couples, embracing digital invitations is a smart way to cut costs and still have an unforgettable wedding day!

More environmentally friendly

The days of sending out paper invitations are fading fast. Online invitation apps like Greenvelope are not only super convenient for guests to manage, but they also save money and help reduce the paper waste we send to the planet.

Unlike traditional cards, digital invites can be designed and sent in minutes. They can also be tracked and updated in real-time, which helps you avoid sending out duplicate RSVPs. The Greenvelope design gallery makes it easy to find the perfect design for your event or celebration type. Start by browsing by category to narrow down your options and visualize the look.

Many weddings come with a lot of expenses, including the cost of paper invitations. Printed cards are also hard to recycle because of their mix of materials, and discarded ones can contaminate recycling streams or end up in landfills. With a digital card, you can skip the expensive customizing and printing costs, as well as the time spent stuffing envelopes and tracking responses.

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