Wiley X Safety Glasses Comprehensive Guide for Prescription Users

If you’re a professional who needs to wear wiley x prescription safety glasses, you know how difficult it can be to find the right frame. You have to consider not only the style and color of your glasses but also whether or not they’re going to fit properly with your prescription. Luckily for you, I’ve done all the work! Now all you need is to follow these simple steps:

First, let’s take a look at the various styles available.

When you’re ready to order your Wiley x safety glasses, there are several styles available. You can choose from the most popular styles or customize your own pair.

First, let’s take a look at the various styles available:

  • Airframe – The Airframe is one of our most popular models because it has an aerodynamic design that reduces weight and makes them comfortable for long periods of wear. They also feature impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that provide 99% UV protection and meet ANSI z87 safety glasses standards for high-impact resistance. The Airframe comes in a variety of colors and lens tints so you can find exactly what fits your needs best!
  • Aviator – Another classic style, this pair offers increased peripheral vision through its wraparound lenses along with adjustable nose pads for comfort during long days at work or play (or both). This model includes many other features found on our best-selling models including impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses providing 99% UV protection.
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating-  clear anti-scratch coating on all sides including lens edges; side shields that protect against glare while still allowing users full visibility through their glasses while working outdoors under bright sunlight conditions such as during construction sites where dangerous objects like nails could potentially fly into someone’s face without proper eye protection being worn beforehand!

Then we have the color options.

With the Wiley x prescription sunglasses, you can choose from a variety of colors. For example, if you have a pair of prescription safety glasses that are black and want to match them with your clothing. There are several options for doing so:

  • Black-tinted lenses (or “dark” lenses) are an option if you want something darker than clear but don’t want to go overboard with color. These will block out more light than regular clear lenses do, which can be helpful when driving at night or in heavy fog.
  • Yellow-tinted lenses are another option if you’re looking for something less dark than black but still not as bright as regular clear glasses. They’re great for daytime driving because they provide protection without making it difficult to see things clearly on either side of your car while driving down the road.
  • And finally red–this is my personal favorite! Red is perfect if your prescription safety glasses already come in another color (like black or yellow), but don’t match any clothes in particular that would require matching colors between clothing items worn together by themselves – like shirts versus pants/skirts/etcetera. You could also use this hue if none of those choices worked well enough; however, this might mean spending extra money since there aren’t many other choices available within our line yet.

You can also choose your lens category and tint.

Wiley X Safety Glasses come in three different lens categories: coated, tinted, and clear. The choice of lens category will depend on your application and preference. Coated lenses offer the most protection from harmful UV light rays, but they also reduce contrast and color saturation slightly compared to other options. Tinted lenses are great for bright conditions or if you want to reduce glare from light sources like headlights or the sun’s reflection off water or snow (they’re also available in photochromic versions). Clear lenses provide maximum visibility without any color distortion at all–perfect for driving at night! If you need prescription lenses that won’t interfere with your vision while wearing safety glasses, we recommend our Wiley X RX Series frames which feature a built-in prescription insert that fits into either side of each frame style.

And finally, you can select an option for polarized lenses.

You can select a pair of polarized lenses to reduce glare. Polarized lenses are available in clear, tinted, and mirrored options, so you’ll be able to find a pair that works for you. Polarized lenses are a great choice for driving, fishing, or boating because they reduce the amount of distortion caused by reflected light on water or pavement surfaces. They’re also a good option if you spend time outdoors during peak hours (noon through mid-afternoon) when bright sunlight creates glare from water droplets in the air–especially if you live near sandy beaches!

The right prescription safety glasses are only a couple of clicks away.

You can order prescription Wiley X safety glasses online, and you’ll have access to all the customization options you need. You can choose from a wide range of lens categories and tints, frame styles, color options, and polarized options. If you need help finding the right pair of prescription safety glasses for your needs or have any questions about our products or services, please contact us today!


If you’re looking for prescription Wiley X safety glasses, we have you covered. The process is simple and easy to follow. You just need to choose your preferred style, color, lens category, and tint before finalizing your order by filling out our contact form on our website or calling one of our customer service representatives.

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