Yoga Pants Are Fast Replacing Leggings – Know Why

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The fashion world is full of volatile trends that that get out as soon as they got in. One such recent trend sees the quick exit of leggings while yoga pants are entering in to win their appeal. In fact, Yoga pants have become the talk of the town now. The comfort and versatility they deliver make them suit different purposes while they successfully level the fashion game. Right from yoga to running and from partying to lounging, yoga pants are available in exclusive ranges. 

How do yoga pants differ from leggings?

They way yoga pants differ from leggings is with regard to their purpose. Yoga pants are designed with a focus on fitness and supporting functional movements. On the other hand, leggings are just fashionable clothing options. They are predominantly used as lounge wear or base layer. Yoga pants feature fabrics that are usually thick, easy to stretch and can absorb sweat easily. Leggings can hug the body very well, but are thinner than yoga pants. While yoga pants are opaque, leggings are see through in most cases.

Why leggings are getting out of style?

The reasons why women choose leggings are they are easy to wear, warm, stretchy and affordable. They come in different fabrics, patterns and styles. Due to their rediscovered popularity, women are now become aware of the style and comfort assured by yoga pants.

Yoga pant advantages

Yoga pants assure several advantages including the following.

Enhanced comfort

Most women are conscious of the see-through nature of the fabric they choose. Since yoga pants are opaque, women can wear them without hassles anywhere and everywhere.

Facilitate easy workouts

When stretched beyond some point, leggings can feel uncomfortable. However, yoga pants are easy to stretch. So, fitness enthusiasts find them a must to buy outfit. Bell bottom yoga pants for instance let the fitness freaks focus on their workouts without having to worry about any inconvenience.


Though leggings are fashionable and comfortable, yoga pants serve several purposes other than making people feel stylish and relaxed. They can also be paired with oversized shirts while going on casual outings. The list is endless when you want to try different fashionable options.

Fit and shape

Leggings hug the body very well. However, they do not fit ever body perfectly. On the other hand, yoga pants are known to fit anyone seamlessly and assure the best comfort. Especially, women conscious of their butt area will find bell bottom yoga pants a great option.

Best value for money
while yoga pants are a bit more expensive than leggings, they can also be used for several other purposes than the primary purpose for which you bought them. Therefore, women never hesitate to spend a few more bucks on them.

Take away

Yoga pants best suit travels. They occupy minimal space and can fit in easily in any of your travel bags. While you may want to carry two pairs of bell bottom yoga pants, you will not have the stress of overloading your backpacks. The roll-over waist band in some yoga pants helps keep them in place. the fabric of yoga pants being able to absorb moisture is a great feature people love.

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